General Information

Gazi University Department of Sociology with its four-year undergraduate program aims to equip its students with the necessary knowledge which will enable them to deal with people as social beings with human sciences like history, economics and psychology by analyzing the areas of sociological research including the society, social living and interaction of people, the groups, social stratification, culture, institution and structure.

Our department offers a four-year undergraduate program, master and doctorate programs. In undergraduate program, students are required to take 153 credit courses before being qualified for a B. A. Degree in Sociology. Of these 153 credit courses, students are required to take 84 credit compulsory courses offered by the department. The remaining 69 credit courses are to be chosen from among the departmental and nondepartmental electives. 

Graduates who completed undergraduate program of Sociology can work as experts, advisors and researchers in Ministry of Development, Ministry of Public Work and Settlement, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, TRT and in public economic organizations as well as in universities. In a country like Turkey which is in a process of rapid social change and development, there is a need for the work of sociologists to follow the results of societal planning and the services used and it is more properly understood. Students in the department of Sociology can also work in secondary schools as philosophy group teachers provided that they get the necessary education in the neighboring departments of philosophy and psychology and get the teaching certificate.